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business communication - program outline


VERBAL COMMUNICATION PART I (3.0 hour session - Theory)

This session presents a unique opportunity to explore and understand the dynamics of your personality and how it impacts on your communication with others. With the use of a widely recognized behavioral model and custom designed peer and self interpersonal assessments, you quickly discover the strengths and pitfalls of your communication style. This fundamental understanding helps you interact more effectively and significantly improve your management and leadership skills.

VERBAL COMMUNICATION PART II (3.0 hour session - Theory)

This interactive session focuses on understanding the ‘inner workings’ of communication and learn proven and highly effective strategies and guidelines which are practiced at the next session.

VERBAL COMMUNICATION PART III (3.0 hour session - Practicum)

This ‘learn by doing’ session is entirely devoted to the practical application of the guidelines and principles learned in the previous sessions. The use of video feedback role-plays allows you to experience every nuance of the communication process. You acquire the skills to redirect negative and undesirable transactions and reach the intended objective, all without jeopardizing the integrity and credibility of the people involved. You quickly discover the successes that effective communication brings to you and your organization.


ASSERTIVENESS (3.0 hour session - Theory)

Communicating assertively is the most valuable and desirable skill to possess, yet most of us struggle to do so. This dynamic session focuses on three specific tools that when applied, significantly improve your assertive profile and ability to manage assertively.

ASSERTIVENESS – CONFLICT RESOLUTION (3.0 hour session - Practicum)

This experiential session relies on everything you have done in the previous ones and focuses on developing proficient use of the three tools for assertiveness. Video feedback is again used in this highly practical and interactive session.

ASSERTIVENESS - CONFLICT RESOLUTION (3.0 hour session – Practicum)

You are by now communicating more assertively and as a result, are handling situations and people more effectively. It follows from this increase in assertiveness that needs, wants, and preferences are brought out in the open and subsequent conflicts may arise.

The techniques learned, combined with the skills acquired so far, continue to provide you with the tools and confidence necessary to meet the challenges and resolve the issues you are faced with every day.


FEEDBACK & RECOGNITION (3.0 hour session - Theory)

One of the most challenging tasks that managers and supervisors have is providing structured and constructive feedback to others. In this session, you learn how to strategize the delivery of positive and negative recognition, all with positive results. The skills you acquire are indispensable for staff appraisals, team leadership, performance management, as well as project and change management.

FEEDBACK & RECOGNITION (3.0 hour session - Practicum)

This entire session is devoted to negative recognition. With the use of a template, you learn how to communicate a corrective feedback process in a structured, professional, and confident manner.The skills you acquire are indispensable to achieve “best practices” in management and supervision.

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