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Most organizations have at their disposal a variety of tools to measure performance levels, compare them to expected ones, and arrive at ways to achieve peak performance from their employees; all in an effort to improve and maintain organizational performance. This paper trail is indispensable and requires consistent application and monitoring in order to be effective and reach the intended objectives. Unfortunately, experience has shown that paper work alone does little to nothing to improve the bottom line and the overall success of an organization. The quality of interactions does.

Performance and productivity are determined by people. Suffice to say that managing performance is a people process… simply because it involves people. In fact, our right to manage is granted to us by the very people we manage. It’s not about forms and rankings but about people, working in a climate that drives clear, direct, transparent, and respectful communication, and fosters trusting partnerships between managers/supervisors and their direct reports. Successful performance management is the result of using highly developed people and management skills.

Our high impact five (5) session Performance Development program tackles the most challenging task of managing performance; PEOPLE. Training is conducted in groups of no more than eight (8) participants.

Core competencies

Participants learn how to;
  • develop key Leadership skills
  • identify characteristics of HIGH and LOW maintenance employees
  • identify performance types
  • identify key reasons for non-performance
  • apply root cause analysis to performance and behavioral issues
  • use motivation and recognition strategies as performance drivers
  • apply preventative management strategies


All group learning is supplemented with private coaching. This is where participants have the opportunity to work with the facilitator on areas that need additional attention. These confidential one-on-one sessions are unlimited and available for the duration of the program and for up to three months upon completion.


Sixteen (16) hours – one (1) 4hr and four (4) 3hr sessions.


Varies dependent upon the number of participants and number of groups. Cost includes;
  • All training materials
  • Learner workbooks
  • Unlimited number of individual coaching sessions
  • Certificates of completion
  • Digital video camera for application sessions and play-back
The first program in our series is called Business Communication.

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